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The Ubunye Co-operative

2012 was a really good year for The Ubunye Co-operative who are officially known as Ubunye Bamazimela Cultural Heritage and Ecotourism Primary Co-operative Limited.  Patricia Zungu officially took over the Chairpersonship of the Co-operative in late 2011. Her quiet, determined leadership has been a stabilising factor for the membership, allowing them to cement a number of fledging projects established in previous years. Under the guidance of Jutka Devenyi, the Co-Operative formed a core membership group and received creative direction for each of their programmes. Jutka also assisted with the creation of important partnerships for the Co-Operative and brought many of the group's ideas to fruition.

Recognising the potential of this somewhat marginalised group in Mzimela Tribal Authority, The National Development Agency (NDA) funded The Ubunye Co-operative for a second time in late 2011. This sustainability grant ensured that the Co-operative was fully equipped to cater for local events and visiting tour groups; provided an industrial sewing machine so that they could launch a small local sewing initiative, resourced Ubunye with essential operating funds and last but not least, purchased a Toyota Avanza vehicle. This vehicle has been invaluable in connecting the Co-operative with a range of new initiatives in Zululand and the broader province of KwaZulu-Natal.